Globalization is one of the primary driving forces in the current business climate. Increasingly, many individuals find themselves working and communicating with people across cultures, languages, and time zones. To be successful working at this dynamic interface, organizations need to enhance their “Cultural Competency.” This requires having the knowledge to analyze different cultural perspectives, the skills to leverage cultural differences and the cultural sensitivity to work effectively with multicultural teams and diverse individuals and organizations.

Cunningham Consulting provides Performance-based Consulting in the following areas:

Improving Performance in a Cross Cultural World
Global Team Facilitation and Training
Cross Cultural Communications Solutions
Education Solutions
Health Care Solutions
Cross Cultural Executive Coaching Solutions
Attracting International Visitors Solutions

Strategically identify untapped sources of innovation worldwide and determine how to leverage the company’s global management diversity to exceed performance goals. Create a global mindset in your organization where all views are considered and innovation excels.

Improving performance in a Cross Cultural World

Predict the challenges that your team is likely to face working globally. Raise awareness and understanding of the dynamics of operating in virtual teams and provide participants with tools, techniques and strategies for becoming effective team leaders and communicator. Participants learn the important skills and use of relevant technology necessary for leading and working with colleagues in a virtual environment.

Provide skills to allow individuals to successfully communicate in complex global business situations. Understand how cultural differences influence business and social interactions and gain an understanding of the key skills need for effective working relationships with clients, team members and important stakeholders.

 Cunningham Consulting Cross Cultural Communication Solutions

Recruit and retain international students. Train staff and faculty on cultural challenges faced with teaching and providing international students with a great experience.

 Cunningham Consulting Education Solutions

In today’s multi-cultural health care environment, medical staff, administrators, cares givers and patients can all have different perspectives and expectations. Healthcare facilities and aligned professionals need to act to increase their cultural competence skills to achieve better patient outcome.

 Cunningham Consulting Healthcare Solutions

We provide one-on-one focused attention to reach individuals’ global performance goals and equip executives to work successfully in the global marketplace to leverage the company’s global potential. Create a truly global leadership plan for identified global talent. Support the global leader through all phases of development and implementation by building and practicing global leadership skills.

 Cunningham Consulting Cross Cultural Executive Solutions

We understand the need to increase revenues at your cultural institution—we will show you how to attract international visitors and train staff to be culturally competent to give visitors an outstanding experience.

 Cunningham Consulting Attracting Internationals Visitor Solutions