Global Business Success through Cultural Competency

Increasingly, many of us find ourselves working and communicating with people across cultures, languages, and time zones. Successful individuals and companies learn to increase their Cultural Competency by continually analyzing and leveraging differing cultural perspectives. Global business success is about building trust and strengthening relationships between organizations and international partners.

Cunningham Consulting is an accomplished Global Business Development Leader. For more than 20 years, our career has been one of respecting cultural differences and valuing diversity for economic and business growth. We provide innovative solutions to overcome unique cultural challenges. We help others excel in global communications, manage global talent and build multicultural teams. We can show you how to improve your Cultural Competency.


See how we improve Cultural Competency….


You helped me fully understand what a global team really is and what skills I need to be able to manage the team effectively. I know you can help me attain those skills for future success.

Global Development Manager
Johnson and Johnson

This is one of the best training classes I have ever had the pleasure to take. This course has made me want to learn so much more. The instructor’s use of her own business experiences was excellent and truly helpful. The flow of the course was perfect and it was a valid use of my time.

Clinical Trial Manager
Bristol-Myers Squibb